So my last update may never come to fruition.
Partly because I have school things to do,
and partly because I kinda lost interest in the original project.
So yeah.
Instead, just enjoy the music that was going to go into the animation.

"Leafy Escape"
Recorded it about a month ago, animation was never completed.


2012-12-01 06:12:00 by JustcallmeLel

Hello to all of My Many Subscriber's
(Yeah I think that was a Good Joke too)
Schyool is starting to wrap up for the year, which means one thing.
I will have time to actually Bloody Do something.
What will I do you ask?
Well I'm Glad you did.

Really I'm glad you asked because that's I'm Learning how to keep secrets, and not telling people is all part of it.
See kids that I hung out with in Year 6, I can keep a secret, I guess you feel Pretty Silly not letting me hang out with you now, DON'T YOU!!!!

Seriously though, I will be doing a Parody of a Video Game that I have learnt to Love in RecentlyAnd I'm Sure that you will all enjoy it.

Also if I feel like it I may do a Game Grumps Animation.

And I'm Out.

About Time I did Something

2012-09-19 08:00:50 by JustcallmeLel

It's about freaking time that I actually did something.
Ok NANA is an animated series that I am planning on making, And here it is, the intro to my Sapphire Nuzlocke.
I will actually make the entire series and I'm ho[ping you will all enjoy it.

Good news, no more bad voices, Just got a proper Mic, no more webcamming it, :D
More good news, Graphics tab, With both of these I will be able to produce more vids faster than I ever have before,

considering what I have done before was practically nothing, That isn't much,
But I will have a new Flash up in the next month as I have to make a video for My IPT class
So enjoy.

Hello there

2012-06-15 03:04:20 by JustcallmeLel

Hey there,
Currently I'm actually quite new to the whole flash movie thing, but I do enjoy it.
So much in fact that i've opted into doing them for my school assessment tasks.
At the moment, I'm only working on them, but they will be posted soon,
Other than that, I do have a couple of other things that I will be working on throughout the holidays.
so stay tuned.
That's if you're actually tuned in at the moment.