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Cold Memories Cold Memories

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I really enjoyed it,
Up until the Boss, where it wouldn't stop crashing.
Excellent Story though.

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Game Corp Game Corp

Rated 5 / 5 stars

While it is annoying that your employees can get stuck in nothing occasionally, they still get flushed out at the end of the month. Still it's quite annoying during the beginning of the game as you start out because you don't have somebody to fill in with them.
Another probblem I had with it was the difficulty.
At first, right after the tutorial, the game seemed simple enough. (Which I am Ok with)
Immediately afterwards your OMG what do I do because of the realisation that you have next to no money. (Which I am also ok with)
But after that it all gets wuite easy, once you learn how to make a steady profit. In fact once you do that it almost loses all difficulty. (That's the bit)
I would recommend maybe putting in some sort of Market status element to combat this,
For example it could say that at the moment Racers are really popular with the audience but Shooters aren't to popular.
And with that you could make Racers get like 1.5 * the regular Profit and Shooters only get half of what is expected.
Good way to break out of repeditive Gameplay as I found myself making nothing but Shooters and only branching out when I had actually won the game.
Maybe also have a target Audience for when you have to choose how it's Marketed. Maybe...

Now what I liked about this would have to be practically everything.
The way you can level up all of your little guys and hone their individual Skill. Beautifully done.
The way You could choose the games Genre. Nice touch and loved the skill variants required to get the best profit.
I did enjoy the fact that you could name your game, but found it wasn't as big as I'd like to be.
Maybe, giving the choice to give an Emblem or Possibly some kind of Static Art.
On the topic of Emblems, If you were able to design your company's logo that would be sweet.

I find myself to be rambling on a bit here so I'll cut myself off.
Your game is absolutely beautiful,
Gameplay and Charm to Easily match that of Tiny Tower,
In fact, this would make an excellent IOS game.
I'd Buy it.

After playing Game Corp. for the last few hours I am dieing for more,
Desperation for a Sequel.
I would even be willing to lend you hand if that'll help you think about making it.
Don't have to much coding experience, but I'm a decent animator.
I'd gladly lend a hand to a Game Corp 2.

Ok, Now I'm Done.
Good Work Rowkilla

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Randobot Randobot

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Sorry, but the graphics look great,
It's good concept,
But do you see this.
1 Star.
Gameplay is not terrible.
I like how you made it so that you can level it up throughout the game,
But please, don't mess with Manouvrebility.
I'm Ok, with the Jetpack level up, because, hey, if I had a jetpack, I'd want to make it better too,
But not being able to crouch after repeatedly pressing the crouch button for 5 seconds as a lazer slowly makes it's way to your head just feels a bit cheap.
If you were to make a sequel, make it so that the bot can jump, run and crouch 100% right from the beginning. then add in some extra abilities, rocket, scanner etc. and make it so they will have to level up. I'm sure that would turn this into a much better game.